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If you're struggling with your resolutions, you're not alone!

Bella Vita Coaching Workshops

Bella Vita Coaching offers customized, evidence-based workshops focused on strategies proven to be essential for achieving personal goals and creating a more satisfying, meaningful life. The feedback has been extremely positive. See the "Testimonials" page to hear how others have benefitted from Bella Vita Coaching Workshops! What workshop topic would be ideal for your large or small group, or for you and some friends? Below, you can check out a list of workshop theme ideas, as well as a sample flyer for a popular workshop called, "Peace, Passion & Purpose."


Workshop Theme Ideas:

  • "I want something different, but I'm not sure what..."
  • "I want to re-connect with what fires me up & strengthen the unique impact I make!"
  • "I'd like to transform my day to day life so I feel less stretched, more focused & more in alignment with what matters most to me!"
  • "I'm ready to get serious about creating positive change & living a life I'd love. I want to make sure I stay on track!"
  • "I have an idea I'm passionate about. I need an exciting action plan to bring it to life!"
  • "I want to kick my stress down a notch & stop wasting so much time worrying!"
  • "I need to start taking better care of Me!"
  • "I'm facing lots of change. How can I adjust with greater ease & effectiveness?"
  • "I want to feel a greater sense of peace and gratefulness in my life. How can I stay connected to my highest self more often?"

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Workshop Description / Sample Flyer
Below is a sample flyer describing a Peace, Passion & Purpose Workshop Program for Moms. We can customize a similar program for your group!

The Skinny on New Year's Resolutions

While many make New Year's resolutions with the greatest of intentions, unfortunately only 8% succeed! Making a resolution is however a worthwhile thing to do. Setting a goal does make you 10 times more likely to accomplish what you want. You just need the right tools to make it happen. The good news is we know from research what factors lead to success when it comes to making positive changes in your life.

Juliana was interviewed by the Mercury News about what it takes to meet New Year's Resolutions. Check out the article, which reviews some of the factors that lead to success: ,


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